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Building the QC is your source for all the latest happenings in the Quad Cities. Quad Cities offers lot of opportunities for its residents and investors. Active communities, developments, education, jobs, life style, and social activities make Quad Cities a popular destination for many. Acting as a bridge between the past and the future, Quad Cities has something for everybody.

The geographical location of the Quad Cities make it the center of many interesting activities. Quad cities were basically the four cities in the two states joined by one river are creating multiple fun activities. Currently, the Quad Cities expand to the six counties, Scott, Clinton, Muscatine, Rock Island, Henry, and Mercer counties covering over 300 miles of radius. The proximity to Chicago and Des Moines have made the Quad Cities a brilliant area for investment. Quad cities is the head quarters for many companies and has attracted workforce. Business and entertainment go hand-in-hand for Quad City residents.



QC Developments
QC Developments Economic

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The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce and local businesses and manufacturers have set up regional development plans for Building the QC. The Q2030 regional plan has identified strengths and road blocks of the Quad Cities and listed the goals of the region.

Largest Employers

John Deere, Rock Island Arsenal, Genesis, Trinity, ALCOA, Walmart, School districts, and many.

Small Business

Thousands of small businesses present regional growth fostering economic development.

Short Commute

Award winning communities with shortest commute to work and school. Access to housing, public parks, and recreation.


State of Illinois and State of Iowa business offer incentives for businesses, technology, female leadership, and minorities.

What's happening in the Quad Cities??

Quad Cities is witnessing numerous developments including the new I-74 bridge. With coordinated efforts, the members are able to help each other grow. Steps to attract new talent, retain existing talent, and train future talent are pursued. Here are the latest developments in the Quad Cities.


Building the QC workforce is possible mainly due to the efforts of the large school districts and programs. Thousands of children are able to access quality schools with experienced and qualified staff in the Quad Cities. The school districts are some of the largest employers in the region and encourage local teachers. Private schools are competing with the public schools and offering top education.

Community colleges partner with the school districts to educate and train the future workforce in the region. Students have the opportunity to explore several Advanced Placement courses to meet public and provate college requirements. Students also have options to complete two year degrees in the local colleges and transfer to public universities to achieve the required credits.

QC Education STEM

Students are able to participate in national and international championships and challenges in music, arts, STEM, and sports. Training and coaching have led many athletics to purse their sport of interest at a college they attend. Funding from the state and federal agencies have assisted the students to take up the challenges in their courses. Students graduating from local schools are able to procure a college seat in the Midwest and through out the nation.

Elementary, middle, and high schools in the QC are incorporating technology at earlier grades. This enables preparing children for future challenges and 21st century skills. Ipads, Chrome books, Video lessons, khan academy courses, and other resources are now part of student's daily routine. Parents and teachers are able to communicate via modern technologies such as email, Remind, Google Classrooms, and weekly progress reports. Applications such as Securly can now give details about your student online searches and internet access. Students are more educated about the online privacy and cyber bullying. Strict measures are in place for students who violate the bullying regulations.

QC Education


QC Jobs

Employment is a major driving force in Quad Cities. Job fairs and workshops are held throughout the year. Illinois Joblink and Iowa Jobs portals offer latest employment details. Indeed, Monster, Dice, qcemployme, and so on are some of the websites offering job postings. Manufacturing jobs are the most in the QC and the region is known to be having the largest workforce in the manufacturing sector.

School districts in the region are the next in hiring. Due to the new initiatives by the community, students who educated in the local colleges are being employed in the local school districts. Community colleges are sponsoring some of the technical courses for the youth to enable them to hire locally. This helps in retaining the talented staff in the region and encouraging young workers.

QC is one of the top areas hiring in Information Technology industry. John Deere is hiring IT workers to support its operations in the region. IT workers from worldwide are reaching to the Quad Cities for the opportunities here. The large IT systems are supporting the manufacturing industry in the area. Healthcare jobs are aplenty in Quad Cities. UnityPoint and Genesis are hiring aggressively to meet the growing demands. Certified and registered nurses are being offered huge joining bonus apart from the full time benefits.


Craigslist proves to be the top source for local jobs. If you are looking for part time position, seasonal work, or a second job, quadcitiescraigslist is a reliable website. Sometimes, you may end up getting a full time job on Craigslist. However, watch out for phony companies who are tricking you to pay them.

Life Style

Quad city residents and visitors have tons of places to relax and enjoy. Year round events, local casinos, public parks, annual music events, pubs, sports bars, gaming centers and so on are aplenty in Quad Cities. For every age group and every ethnicity, there are activities and groups where people can get together and hang out. The mighty Mississippi river is a major attraction that also caters to many water activities such as fishing, boating, and so on.

Quad City residents have active Night life and local entertainment. The iwireless center hosts famous artists and shows from all over the country. Indoor and outdoor sports are played year round including the annual John Deere Classic Golf. Quad cities have volunteering opportunities for its many events. Race for the cure, Bix 7, Tug fest, River Roots Live, RAGBRAI, and many events. The small towns are buzzing with so many activities and you will be busy within no time.

Cost of living in Quad cities is comparatively lower than Chicago but same as cities such as Columbus, OH or Houston, TX. However, short commute distance is an advantage for QC residents. Access to schools and daycare have helped workers to manage work and life in an efficient manner. Quad city life style is simple and the people are welcoming. The friendly neighbor hoods accommodate new comers as well as take care of existing families. The typical Midwestern towns in the Quad cities have big city work opportunities. Building the QC is a continuous efforts and the area looks promising to current and future investors.

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